Financial Services

Financial Services

We are well placed to address many of the issues facing global banks, leading insurers, Fintechs and regulators. We have expertise and a deep understanding of helping organisations identify their challenges and deliver sustainable results. We know how to guide you to achieve your aims and goals.  

This might include resolving strategic issues, putting in place the right operating models and structures that are both highly effective and efficient, designing customer focused processes or developing the critical capabilities required by today’s businesses. 


The last decade

The last 10 years have seen unprecedented levels of scrutiny and oversight, as the industry sought to meet the challenges following the banking crash of 2009/10. This has led to increased focus on how the sector assesses risk, manages its operations and conducts itself.  

Alongside this, the rise of personalised, channel-agnostic access and a proliferation of products and services has made Financial Services the sector of innovation for the 2020s and beyond.  


The sector of innovation

Automation, mobile apps and a more open approach to services has given your customers the power to manage their own financial affairs like never before. Innovation has already made a significant impact on your industry. 

There are many new entrants into markets and Fintechs are challenging the more traditional businesses and inspiring them to respond. With your sector forecasted to grow globally to $26.5 trillion by 2022, it looks like that innovation and competition can generate excellent results for you. 



What our clients say about us

“Q5 took a pragmatic approach, working with us to deliver a significant improvement to the experience of our customers and our colleagues… that lasted.”

Mortgage Process Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

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