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Why Join Q5?

Why Q5

An overview of what we can offer you

How we support and engage our people

Wellbeing – The wellbeing of our people is our number one priority. Consulting can be a tough profession, and nothing is more important to us that our people than being healthy and well.  We put time and effort into ensuring the mental and physical health of our people is prioritised and use a range of ways to ensure that we focus on our physical and mental health.  For example, we have trained all our Mentors (those who focus on the career development and pastoral care of the team) in a half day session around Mental Health and have trained several the team in Mental Health First Aid. 

Diversity and Inclusion – Learn about our commitment to diversity and inclusion


For each level in the organisation, we have a “community” which is facilitated by one of the Partners in the organisation.  Each community meets every two months to give people a chance to connect, share ideas and focus on development.


At Q5, we believe that all Q5ers should have the support to be equipped with the skills, tools and behaviours to be high performing and thrive in a fast paced environment, and our development programme has been established to support this. Our Development curriculum, which has been created by Q5 consultants for Q5 consultants, focuses on core Consulting skills, as well as much broader topics which are areas of interest to our team. Q5ers also have access to an external development platform to support with personal development goals and a wider array of subject areas. This ensures that we set Q5ers up for success both in the delivery of project work and in helping to continue building the firm. New Q5ers of all levels are able to quickly get stuck into project work, with the support of their mentors and the wider Q5 team.

Mentors and Buddies

Everyone is assigned a mentor on joining.  Mentors play a key role in developing the careers of our people and their responsibility spans career progression, development and pastoral care.  The role of a Buddy is to be a contact, someone who is on hand to answer those seemingly “silly” questions that you may have, particularly in your first few weeks/months.  


Performance and Promotion

We recognise that we all progress at different times which means that we don’t have a set time for promotions.  Instead, we have 4-monthly reviews where we come together to assess the performance and development needs of our people.  If someone is ready for promotion, we promote them and we don’t have a quota on the number of promotions that are made. 

About us

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