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Bionic: Applications of Generative AI in the Public Sector

Antonia Longrigg by Antonia Longrigg

Bionic: Applications of Generative AI in the Public Sector

Bionic episode 4: Applications of Generative AI in the Public Sector


Featuring Nijma Khan and Hugh Neylan from Faculty AI

“Bionic,” our podcast series, explores the profound changes in our lives and workplaces brought by new technologies and Generative AI. Through monthly episodes featuring industry pioneers, the series dives into the digital evolution’s opportunities, challenges, and its impact on our professional and personal lives, addressing the ethical debates surrounding language models.


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In our final episode of Bionic, we’re thrilled to welcome Nijma Khan and Hugh Neylan from the leading AI consultancy Faculty AILed by Q5’s Antonia Longrigg, they explore how AI is revolutionising healthcare, justice, education, and more.​

Drawing on their extensive experience in both Public and Private sectors, we’ll delve into real-life stories from front-line staff, users, and patients, all the way up to the innovators and leaders driving change.​

Expect to hear strategies, use cases, and expert advice on navigating key challenges such as data management, decision-making, compliance, and overcoming resistance to change.​

Discover how AI is transforming data and reporting in healthcare, enhancing decision-making processes, and improving efficiency and patient outcomes. Understand the unique hurdles Public Sector organisations face and how AI can help overcome them.​

If you’re a leader in Government, Public Sector, Health, Education, or Legal, this episode is packed with actionable insights for leveraging AI in your organisation.

Listen to the podcast or watch the full interview below!


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