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Organisational Health Analytics

Unlocking the power of data to recognise your organisation’s potential.

What do we mean by ‘Org Health Analytics’?

Organisational Health Analytics is the collection and application of data-driven insights to improve the effectiveness of an organisation.

We draw on a range of data sources to help our clients understand all aspects of their organisation, from team structures and productivity to the cultures that exist in their workforce.

We combine sophisticated digital tooling and analytical capability with our sectoral expertise and understanding of organisational dynamics to sort through the noise and build a consensus around the actions that need to be taken.

Connecting the ‘Art’ with the ‘Science’

At Q5, we tackle our clients’ challenges by combining the ‘Art’ and the ‘Science’ of organisational health.

We understand the power of data-driven insights and always bring quantitative analysis or the ‘Science’ in support of our project delivery.

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Your data is a crucial asset that doesn’t appear directly on your balance sheet. Organisations that best harness data-driven insights maintain a competitive edge and deliver sustained value for their organisation.

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