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Our comprehensive organisation design platform.

What is OrgMaps?

OrgMaps is our digital platform that enables the creation and analysis of organisational structures including the size, shape, and cost.

OrgMaps provides tailored analysis and easy-to-read visuals that can be used to draw insights and make decisions. Using an organisation’s people data as an input, OrgMaps can be used to inform your organisational strategy, assess your organisation design or identify areas for improvement.

OrgMaps provides ready-to-use and easy-to-access insights needed to make informed and accurate decisions.

Unlocking potential in your organisation

How we use OrgMaps in our projects

OrgMaps works alongside the award-winning Q5 MetroMap process.

From producing a quantitative assessment of the current organisation to designing and evaluating different options for the future – OrgMaps can be used at each stage of organisation design. 

Our clients

Want to see OrgMaps in action?

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