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Multimedia Conglomerate

The client was looking to reduce their cost base in the face of declining margins across Publishing and Audio Entertainment.

Multimedia Conglomerate
Client Multimedia Conglomerate
Region UK
Sector Media, Entertainment and Technology
Offering Organisation Design, Organisational analytics
ActivityQ Data analysis Organisation design Sustainable cost reduction

The Challenge

Dedicated to taking an activity focused lens on identifying sustainable cost reduction opportunities, the client faced the challenge of poor People Data and a lack of clarity of what activities were happening where across their footprint and to what extent.

Q5 deployed ‘ActivityQ’, our online activity analysis tool developed by Q5 that provides rapid insight into how employees are actually spending their time across a pre-determined set of activities. With its user friendly platform and rapid deployment functionality, c.4,000 employees were analysed across the whole business in 2 weeks.

Once consolidated, the subsequent model provided to the client was used to develop sustainable and, realistically implementable cost saving opportunity based on real-time data and input from those closest to where the activities were occurring.

Our Approach

  • Worked with the client to consolidate enterprise wide activities into a single activity map (‘the taxonomy’).
  • Launched ActivityQ across c.4,000 people globally to capture time spent by employees against the activities set out in the taxonomy.
  • Worked closely with the client to manage the survey and, where required, fix discrepancies with people source data.
  • Consolidated enterprise wide activity analysis (including qualitative survey responses) into a single, digestible model for the client to use going forward.

Key Outcomes

  • Creation of granular activity taxonomy across the whole enterprise
  • Cleansing of People Data to identify discrepancies in source People Data
  • Detailed Activity Analysis model mapping c.4000 employees across function, location and grade to drive cost reduction hypotheses
  • Internal benchmarking opportunities across geographies for each function
  • Identification of duplicated activities and shadow functions across business units/geographies
  • Qualitative answers against a set of targeted questions from all survey respondents to identify pain points
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