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News Corp

News Corp – Inter-group benchmarking
Client News Corp
Region UK, USA, Australia
Sector Media, Entertainment and Technology
Offering Organisation Design

The Challenge

News Corp wanted to better understand how their three major businesses, News Corp Australia, News UK and Dow Jones, compared against one another.

These organisations are fundamentally different in terms of their revenue and cost mix, product range, customer base, structure and financial reporting requirements – thus making a true like-for-like comparison a challenge

Our Approach

We conducted an eight-week review at an organisational and functional level. The Q5 team was split between the three News Corp locations; New York, London, and Sydney, where we embedded with the local team. The project centered on three main stages:

  • Data gathering: One-week intensive workshops held in London, then Sydney, then New York. These workshops established an understanding of each organisation’s operating model and formulated the most suitable metrics and ratios for which to measure and the functionality required to build a customised and re-usable model.
  • Build a customised Functional Comparison Model: Create true like-for-like comparisons between the three organisations’ complex and often disparate functions.
  • Present insight & observations: Full report including a summary of key observations at the group, organisational, and functional level.

Key Outcomes

  • Q5 provided News Corp the ability to compare their major functions and layers of activity, like-for-like, across the three organisations.
  • Presented a summary of key observations, those with the potential to significantly improve business functions.
  • Delivered a customised and reusable financial model that can be used to test budget scenarios.
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