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Alfred Health

Alfred Health
Client Alfred Health
Region Australia
Sector Public Sector, Health and Not For Profit
Offering Organisation Design
Patient experience Service design

The Challenge

Alfred health, a tertiary hospital with +12,000 staff, wanted to deliver more digitally enabled health services and place their patients and employees at the centre of future design. Facing significant operational pressures, they had limited capacity and capability to bring their strategy to life and asked Q5 to lead the design of patient journeys and service blueprints.

Our Approach

  • Working with the Alfred Health executive, a cross-functional design team and an input group of 50+ clinicians, patient representatives, operations and technology staff, we:
  • Conducted a series workshops to understand current pain points and define (1) future-state patient journeys, (2) high-level service blueprints and (3) the innovative concepts needed to meet users’ needs
  • Drew on insights from patient research and tested emerging ideas and designs with users
  • Worked with the design team to fully prototype the concepts required to shift from current to the future state patient journey
  • Developed an agile transformation programme which empowered over 100 clinicians to implement a series of patient pathway transformations and technology implementations, including multiple workstreams, each with OKRs, using a single implementation approach

Key Outcomes

  • A compelling service ambition narrative and case for change which was fully-endorsed by executives and leaders​
  • Six patient personas and end-to-end journeys which grounded the service designs with a relatable understanding of complex patient needs​
  • 17 concept pages which helped bridge the gap between current and future state, and consolidated the previously-disparate capability and ideas of different clinical and operational teams​
  • Six service blueprints directly mapped to specific patient journeys, e.G. Acute care to discharge, which described how hospital staff, community health providers, technologies and partners needed to work together with the patients at the centre​
  • The outputs of this project are currently informing the development of a virtual care strategy for Alfred Health
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