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Wildlife Victoria

Leadership development

Pop Up – Wildlife Victoria
Client Wildlife Victoria
Region Australia
Sector Public Sector, Health and Not For Profit
Leadership alignment Pop Up Consulting

The Challenge

Wildlife Victoria has provided the community with a Wildlife Emergency Response service for 35 years. Every year, thousands of native animals in Victoria become sick, injured or orphaned, often as a direct result of human activity. If left unassisted, these animals may suffer and die in pain or of starvation.

There have been recent changes in the leadership team and as they continue to evolve and adapt to meet new challenges, they feel now is the right time to define their organisational values to not only guide their actions but also shape their culture, drive their decision-making, and inspire us to achieve their goals. 

Our Approach

Q5 ran an organisation wide survey, 1:1 leadership interviews and a half-day workshop with the Wildlife Victoria team to define their new organisational values. 

  • An organisation wide survey to gain a view from all of Wildlife Victoria on what they thought the values should focus on. This was an important point made by the leadership team, that they wanted to ensure that everyone voice was heard. 
  • 1:1 interviews with the leadership team to understand key issues that need to be addresses with the new values ​
  • Half-day workshop we played-back what we had heard in the survey and workshops and grouped them into themes of what was coming out as important that the values should address. We then used a sprint exercise to write draft value statements, giving everyone in the room a chance to contribute to each value. We then used real-life scenarios to test whether the values would guide the right behaviours and to start defining those behaviours. 

Key Outcomes

  • Identified key areas of importance from the interviews and survey
  • Agreed a draft set of organisational values for Wildlife Victoria that are relevant to their diverse business and support unifying the various roles and teams​
  • Drafted behaviours aligned to the new values to ensure consistency in how team work together and what they should expect from each other​
  • Provided a list of activation ideas that could be used to embed the new values ​
  • Created a plan for the near term and longer-term actions required to get values finalised and activated across Wildlife Victoria

What our clients say about us

The team were engaged and curious, they were deft at their roles and keen to learn about our culture. The workshop was very good for Wildlife Victoria and its staff.

Dan Farley – Head of People and Culture​
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