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Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Client Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)
Region Australia
Sector Public Sector, Health and Not For Profit
Offering Organisation Design
Capability development Current state analysis Gender equality outcomes Implementation planning Organisation design Organisation effectiveness Strategic objectives Technology transformation Ways of working

The Challenge

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) had commenced a major transformation project to build and implement a new reporting and data management system.  As they looked to integrate new systems, they wanted to ensure that the organisation and ways of working were fit for purpose and aligned to strategic objectives. They were looking to optimise the capability, agility and effectiveness of their teams and ensure they were able to adapt and grow alongside our technology transformation.   

Our Approach

Q5 partnered with the agency on ‘Project ZEST’ over a three month period. This project covered four phases:   

  • Current State Analysis – we built a view of where the agency was through interviews, surveys and focus groups, ensuring that every employee had an opportunity to input. We identified and tested key areas of strength to preserve and key areas of challenge to solve 
  • High Level Design – through several virtual workshops with the executive team we established a vision for the agency, mapping out the future activities and capabilities, and agreeing on the ways of working required to set WGEA up for the future and enable strategic outcomes  
  • Implementation planning – we assessed where the greatest areas of change would be felt and built a staged implementation plan to achieve this  
  • Detailed Design – we translated the design into a person by person view of the agency, stress testing the high level design outputs and building out the detail behind each team, including purpose, accountabilities, structure and measures 

Key Outcomes

  • Through the design process, the agency was re-orientated to accommodate the full potential of the technological solution. This encouraged a self service reporting model and created an enhanced ability to generate meaningful and relevant insights. Subsequently, this enabled greater focus on the agency’s ability to proactively influence - through research, education and recognition programmes - to drive improved gender equality outcomes in the workplace.
  • We ensured clarity of decision making through clear accountabilities and minimal handoffs. We also designed a solution that enables responsiveness and flexibility where needed, with a clear line of sight to empower and trust teams to deliver.
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