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Tips from Q5ers on returning to work

Lorelie Martin by Lorelie Martin

Tips from Q5ers on returning to work

Tips from Q5ers on returning to work after becoming a parent


Q5’s Women’s Health Network is an internal group that aims to identify issues that are important to women at Q5 and their families. Q5 want to increase awareness of the different challenges women face and encourage them to feel comfortable to speak up and get support should they or their network be impacted.


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The Q5 Women’s Health Network ran an internal panel discussion on the topic of returning to work after becoming a parent, which shed light on experiences, challenges and learnings. The panel was facilitated by Sharon Rice-Oxley, and included Audrey Laing, Alexander Jones-Davies, Emily Branson-Gateley, and Matt Phelan. It was a brilliant and honest discussion that truly brought to light the everyday challenges of balancing the demands of both work and family life, and shared advice for others going through the same experience.


The panel discussed the new set of challenges and adjustments needed when returning to work, and that it involves ebbs and flows, requiring patience and time to find one’s rhythm again. It’s essential to reset boundaries, prioritise effectively, and allow yourself time to adjust. Support from friends, family, and colleagues is also crucial during this transition. Furthermore, setting boundaries and adhering to them helps in protecting the time needed for family, acknowledging that every parent’s experience is unique, with different ranges of involvement and support.


The panel emphasised the importance of prioritisation, planning, and communication in navigating the return to work. Hybrid working has helped in recognising employees as individuals with lives outside of work, promoting flexibility in work arrangements. Embracing compromise and acknowledging that becoming a parent can enhance one’s job performance through learned skills was also discussed. Finally, the panel shared top tips for parenthood and returning to work, stressing the importance of openness, communication, and keeping an open mind, as every parent, child, and situation is different.


To learn more top tips on returning to work as a parent, watch the video below.

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