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Nuclear organisation - Strategy Activation

Nuclear organisation – Strategy Activation
Region UK
Sector Infrastructure, Defence and Transport
Offering Strategy

The Challenge

Following the formation of a new nuclear entity, the organisation had defined a set of 10 strategic milestones to be achieved by 2030 (”10 by 2030s”) as part of the corporate strategy. However, work needed to be done to help people articulate and activate the strategy and to build the understanding of the 10 by 2030 milestones throughout the business. 

Our Approach

Over the course of several months, Q5 conducted 10 ‘sprints’ to explore each milestone in detail. Each sprint took place over 2-3 weeks.

Collaborating with the client organisation’s delivery teams, Q5 explored four strategic lenses:

  1. The Why, What & How – baselining the foundations of each milestone 
  2. OKRs – defining Objectives and Key Results for each milestone, providing a ‘golden thread’ to the overall corporate strategy
  3. Benefits analysis – detailing the expected benefits of each programme to the organisation and its parent group
  4. Strategic Health – building an understanding of progress for each milestone, including maturity and delivery risks

Following completion of the 10 sprints, a strategic portfolio review of the milestones was conducted that surfaced key insights and recommendations.

Key Outcomes

  • Defined clear milestone interpretation and delivery plans for each of the 10 milestones​.
  • Developed 10 practical handbooks as key communication content to improve understanding across the business​.
  • Embedded OKR best practice & approach​.
  • Provided a detailed view on maturity and risk profiles across the milestones​.
  • Created a high-level understanding of capability and functional requirements to deliver the milestones​.
  • Developed key recommendations to enable successful delivery of the 10 milestones.
  • Built internal strategy activation capability for future use​.
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