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Nuclear Organisation - Enterprise-wide organisation transformation

Nuclear Organisation: Enterprise-wide organisation transformation
Region UK
Sector Energy and Utilities
Offering Organisation Design
Capability assessment Commercial development Culture diagnostic Enterprise-wide design Supply chain delivery

The Challenge

Our client was charged with managing the long term radioactive waste management solutions for the UK.  The organisation is undergoing significant change as they start the long process to become a site licensed organisation and deliver a major capital project. They are faced with the challenge of shifting their focus and culture from a technical research organisation to a delivery body.

To achieve this transformation and to meet the future demands of the programme, there was a need for multi-year support across the organisation. This included an extensive organisation design process (both at an enterprise-wide level and within business directorates), commercial development to ensure our client is best placed to manage the growing reliance on the supply chain and culture change to ensure the organisation works in a way that supports the achievement of its strategic goals.  

Our Approach

As part of a multi-year framework, we worked closely with the client across several areas:

  1. Enterprise-wise organisation design and development: We developed new structures and operating models across the organisation, including at enterprise, directorate and individual function level, each with a clear transformation narrative and actionable implementation plans. This also included evaluation of the capability, competence and capacity needs for each directorate.
  2. Culture diagnostic & development: We conducted an initial culture diagnostic and defined the desired future state, in line with the need to move to a delivery focused organisation. We developed a detailed culture roadmap and supported our client to deliver elements of it as needed (combination of leadership development and culture change interventions) to shift the culture and drive the desired behaviours.
  3. Transformation planning: We supported the Exec and directorates to develop a detailed plan for transformation, bringing together and aligning all the initiatives.
  4. Commercial development: We worked collaboratively with the Commercial team across a number of areas including supporting the design of a long-term supply chain delivery model, akin to other capital projects. We also developed our client’s Intelligent Customer procedure and proposed supply chain charter.

Key Outcomes

  • An organisation design fit and ready for the next stage of their journey towards the delivery of a major capital project - with a clear transformation roadmap detailing capability gaps and interventions across several time-horizons.
  • An organisation embracing new behaviours and shifting their culture to become more delivery focused.
  • Materials to support the organisation as they prepare for relevant environmental permits and nuclear site licencing – including detailed capability, accountability analysis, documentation of core commercial processes (i.e. Intelligent Customer procedure).
  • Significant progress in moving the HSSEQ function forward, including the definition of a new safety culture framework.
  • A commercial Delivery Partner Model fit-for-purpose for an organisation which intends to deliver a major capital project.

What our clients say about us

"We have developed a collaborative partnership with Q5, built on mutual respect and co-creation. The ‘one team’ approach has enabled us to implement significant improvements to our organisational culture and the way we work."

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