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Steering M&A success: strategic insights amid economic flux

Anna Fairhurst by Anna Fairhurst

Steering M&A success: strategic insights amid economic flux

How M&A can navigate the twists and turns of the UK economic climate


Expert speakers at our “How M&A can navigate the twists and turns of the UK economic climate” event shared vital strategies for M&A success in an unpredictable economic environment. Paul Mount, Anna Fairhurst, and Tom Rumboll provided insights on inflation, strategic alignment, and integration in the face of current economic challenges.


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We recently held an event at the McLaren showroom in Leeds in partnership with Partners& bringing together leading minds in the Private Equity, M&A, and investor space to discover how M&A can navigate the UK economic climate. Throughout the event, we heard from our three fantastic speakers as they shared their insights and experiences in true TED Talk style, followed by a Q&A. Our expert speakers were:

  • Paul Mount, Deputy Agent at Bank of England and previous Senior Manager at NHS.
  • Anna Fairhurst, M&A specialist at Q5, previously the Head of Venture Capital at Capita and Head of Operations at Saturn Fund.
  • Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ, previously the Relationship Director at Lloyds Bank and Commercial Director at Company Shop.

The economic outlook of 2024

Paul Mount opened the discussion with a comprehensive analysis of the UK’s economic outlook for 2024 and beyond. Amidst the lingering effects of the pandemic and geopolitical tensions, he outlined the current inflationary trends, expectations for growth in GDP, and the labor market’s unpredictability. He presented a cautiously optimistic view, noting the beginning of a decline in inflation rates and predicting potential economy stabilisation by April 2024.


Designing organisations for long-term growth

Q5 M&A specialist, Anna Fairhurst discussed how experts could design organisations for long-term growth through successful M&A ventures. With a shocking statistic that 70% of M&A initiatives fail to deliver expected value, she highlighted the critical neglect of culture, leadership, and strategic alignment in these ventures. Her presentation focused on ‘The 4 A plan’, four pillars vital for M&A success, Ambition, Alignment, Accountability, and Adaptability, suggesting that businesses must be strategically prepared and aligned before considering M&A.


How to do M&A well

Tom Rumboll spoke from experience about conducting M&A well, having steered a successful four-way merger to establish SYNETIQ in 2019. Tom shared his journey of founding the company with a client-centric vision and how they navigated the complexity of merging multiple corporate entities into a cohesive, sustainable brand. The key to their success was a well-structured 1000-day plan (working in days, not years), ensuring an urgent yet clear roadmap to full integration, which they achieved just two days shy of their target.

The event not only shed light on the current economic climate and its implications for M&A but also provided advice for businesses looking to merge or acquire in these tumultuous times. The prestigious location of McLaren underscored the themes of precision, performance, and innovation that resonated throughout the presentations, leaving attendees with actionable insights to drive their companies forward in 2024 and beyond.

Check out the video from the event:


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Anna Fairhurst

M&A Expert, Principal Consultant

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