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Organising for sustainability

Georgie Balcon by Georgie Balcon

Organising for sustainability

A guide for Heads of Sustainability.

What is ‘organising for sustainability’?

Sustainability is all about balancebalancing an organisation’s financial performance alongside its social and environmental performance to create value for all stakeholders. At Q5, we are passionate about Organisational Health –supporting our clients to tackle immediate problems and drive long-term performance improvements, and having this balance is a critical component of a healthy organisation. 


Mark Carney has described environmental sustainability and net zero as “the greatest commercial opportunity of our time”, but it is also a huge risk. The World Economic Forum’s 2022 Global Risk Report, for example, has listed environmental or social risks as 7 of the 10 biggest risks facing the world. As a result, we are increasingly being asked by clients how sustainability will affect their organisational health and how to galvanise around –how to internally set up for sustainability success. 87% of organisations report that they will be more committed to sustainability in 2022 than in 2021, and consequently, we are seeing senior-level sustainability roles becoming common place.


Being a ‘Head of Sustainability’ or ‘Chief Sustainability Officer’ is now a highly prominent and business-critical position, and many are asking themselves similar questions around how to set up their teams. These questions include…

In our downloadable guide, read some of our thoughts on each of these questions in turn, drawing on key insights from our recent work and conversations with Heads of Sustainability.


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