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How to engage & equip your teams for the energy transition

Jamie Scott by Jamie Scott

How to engage & equip your teams for the energy transition

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The clean energy transition undoubtedly marks a period of great transformation for the Oil & Gas industry; however, across the industry, only 42% are optimistic about their company reaching its decarbonisation targets, whereas 28% are outright pessimistic.



The shortage of skills, people and talent contribute to this challenge. In Houston alone, taking decisive action to lead in the industry means that the region could require up to an additional 400,000 to 560,000 jobs with new roles and skillsets.



Our recent In Conversation with Q5 brought together four leaders with deep professional and academic expertise to discuss the core skills and behaviours needed for organisations to support their response to the energy transition.


We heard from:

šŸ“ˆ Our speakers addressed some of the most important questions facing organisations right now, including:

  1. Much focus is given to the technical skill transfer required, but what are the most critical leadership and behaviouralĀ gaps and shifts needed to succeed?
  1. What technical knowledge and previous experience of adaptation can oil and gas organisations apply to the current shifts to low carbon solutions?
  1. How is the oil and gas industry integrating decarbonizationĀ services and new asset/fuels teams into their operating models? In which ways should the talent and skills be integrated with or complementary to existing hydrocarbon teams? What does this look like for large, medium and small enterprises?

Key considerations for energy leaders as we move into the transition

From this compelling discussion and Q&A, we extracted the five key themes viewed by the panel as integral for those taking a leading role in the acceleration of the energy transition.

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