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Harnessing generative AI in Media

Graham Page by Graham Page

Harnessing generative AI in Media

Navigating the future of Gen AI in media


In an era where technology is reshaping industries, Generative AI (Gen AI) emerges as the frontier of innovation in the Media sector. At Q5, we’re embracing this transformation, offering our clients a compass through the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in media sectors.


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Gen AI has captivated the imagination of strategists and tech leaders across the Media industry. Its potential to revolutionise content creation, streamline operations, and redefine engagement is unprecedented. Yet, the path to harnessing Gen AI’s full potential is fraught with challenges and uncertainties. 

In order to start identifying the potential of Gen AI we advise our clients to select some use cases, create a plan, and get on with building something. The landscape is likely to change rapidly and the best way to understand it is to be actively designing, developing,  testing , and implementing the technology. A ‘wait and see’ strategy will only increase anxiety levels and miss the opportunity to build skills and understanding in-house.

Spotlight on productivity 

The transformational impact of Gen AI on productivity in the media sector is illustrated by pioneering tools like the “Gutenbot” by Reach, providing 20+ titles all with different style guides and tones of voice, and Newsquest’s hyper-efficient copywriting AI. These innovations are not mere enhancements but paradigm shifts in how content is produced and distributed, offering a glimpse into a future where efficiency and creativity merge seamlessly.

A breaking news story takes up to 20 minutes per title to get on a site. Now Gutenbot takes the breaking story, converts it into the tone for each title, and prepares the copy for launch – with a final review by a human. Breaking news is now taking 90 seconds for all titles.

At Newsquest they have developed what they describe as “a hyper-efficient copywriter – drafting the story on certain instructions, and then it goes back to the reporter who reviews the draft before publishing it.”

Other more cautious outlets have tools ready to pilot that help write headlines and summarise stories, and are considering how to deploy and label them in a way that does not risk reducing the trust readers have in what they consume.

At Q5, we’re knowledgeable in identifying and piloting these transformative Gen AI applications. Our expertise not only lies in recognising the potential of such technologies but also in ensuring their integration is smooth, strategic, and aligned with our clients’ objectives. By partnering with Q5, media companies can navigate the Gen AI revolution with confidence, harnessing its power to unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation.


A comprehensive organisational strategy 

Gen AI’s potential extends beyond specific functions, requiring a holistic organisational strategy that spans strategy, editorial, and product development. The emergence of roles such as Chief AI Officer underlines the importance of a structured approach to Gen AI integration, encompassing vision, governance, and risk management.

As media content and operations undergo rapid changes driven by Gen AI, the need for visionary yet pragmatic guidance has never been more critical. We understand that it’s almost impossible to overestimate the very rapid changes that Gen AI is bringing and investment in this area must be a high priority.


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Graham Page

Director of Media Sector


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