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COO + CFO = a formula for success?

Samuel Kumar by Samuel Kumar

COO + CFO = a formula for success?

Could combining COO & CFO roles be the right move for your business?


Many organizations are adopting a combined CFO-COO role to oversee financial and operational health. When implemented properly, this approach offers a more comprehensive view of business performance, strategic planning, and risk management. Download our thought piece to read more into this decision, including the benefits and challenges to be aware of.


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There is an increasing number of organizations, small and large, creating an executive role that covers both the financial and operational health of an organization over recent years.


The downloadable thought piece below provides insights on how this combined CFO-COO role, if implemented correctly, creates a more holistic view of business performance, risk management and strategic planning.


Some of the possible organizational benefits of this dual role include stronger strategic alignment, holistic and coordinated decision-making, and cost savings at board level. However, these benefits can only be achieved when being aware of the challenges from broadening the scope of this role. Transitioning to this role must be designed and implemented with care.


This thought piece also outlines a number of contexts where we see this combined role work most effectively, as well as what organizational mechanisms need to be in place to set this dual role up for success.


At Q5, we are experts in creating healthy organizations and any change to your leadership will require attention across our foundations of Organizational Health. We would work with you and your teams to get the most out of changes to your leadership team, by working holistically across our offerings to deliver a complete solution, tailored to your specific needs.


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