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Building foundations for a thriving sports organisation

Graham Page by Graham Page

Building foundations for a thriving sports organisation

Sports federations and governing bodies: foundations for a healthy and high performing organisation


Explore our strategic insights for sports organisations in our latest point of view. Balancing priorities from sustainable growth to elite team development, we provide six vital foundations for success. With a focus on Organisational Health, Q5 delivers tangible solutions. For deeper insights, download the PDF guide.


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Have you ever wondered what goes into making your favorite sports organisations not just successful, but thriving? In this point of view, we summarise our perspectives on the vital foundations you need to put in place:


Balancing priorities: Managing an international sports federation demands a nuanced approach. We recommend focusing on sustainable participation growth, elite national team development, delivering exceptional fan experiences, ensuring safety and fairness, and positioning sports as a force for good.


Building vital foundations: We have outlined six crucial foundations for sports leaders: a clear strategy tied to a common purpose, a focus on delivering value beyond the ‘white lines,’ proven change management abilities, motivated and empowered talent, an efficient operating model, and technology alignment.


Accelerated transformation: Q5’s expertise in Organisational Health is designed to assess and improve various aspects of sports organisations. By delivering diagnostics and solutions that leaders can own, Q5 ensures lasting, meaningful change. Notable collaborations include the Football Association, World Rugby, and LTA.


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Graham Page

Director of Media Sector

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