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News Corp

News Corp
Client News Corp
Region UK, USA, Australia
Sector Media, Entertainment and Technology
Offering Organisation Design, Technology

The Challenge

News Corp felt they were not taking advantage of synergies across their portfolio of companies since they split from News Corporation in 2013.  The 5 business units in question had very different products, cultures, and budgets so worked with the respective CTOs and CIOs from each of the companies to devise a new legal entity and chargeback model that was beneficial to all; either from a cost savings perspective or as a result of on increase in the level of service.    

In 2018, Q5 supported NewsCorp to successfully created and launched a new shared services enterprise technology services company ‘NewsTech’ that serviced 5 business units in North America.   

Following the proven success of NewsTech phase 1 in North America, NewsTech sought to expand globally to service business units in Europe, India and Australia in order to achieve further cost efficiencies, improve service quality and leverage best practice technologies.   

A global Q5 team was engaged in May 2019 to support the design of the global shared services company. The team was spread across New York, London and Sydney to work closely with the major business units and their CTO/CIOs to help launch the new organisation.   

Our Approach

 Design and launch NewsTech in North America:  

  • Created business case, global services catalogue and plan  
  • Co-designed and implemented a new shared services model for NA business units  
  • Enabled new ways of working and service delivery model  

Phase 2: News Tech Global and Service Expansion   

  • Co-led the program alongside the News Corp CIO, coordinating activities taking place globally across Org Design, HR & Comms, Finance & Tax and Legal workstreams   
  • Designed the new global organization, working closely alongside leaders in the business units in New York, London and Sydney to gather local input  
  • We worked with each leader to develop and implement a transformation roadmap for unlocking cost efficiencies, streamlining their functions, adopting best practice globally, and establishing high performing teams  

Key Outcomes

  • Created a new technology services division
  • NewsTech successfully launched as a global shared services organization, growing from 149 to 691 employees servicing 10 business units across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • The transformation roadmap achieved over $2m+ savings in the first 6 months
  • The new operating model was executed including governance, reporting, financial chargeback model and pipeline and budget setting processes
  • Proved a centralized and customer focused technology function could work effectively and efficiently in support NewsCorp’s diverse global businesses. This created a foundation for NewsCorp to explore the creation of other shared services functions
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