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Client Datacom
Region Australia
Sector Media, Entertainment and Technology
Offering Organisation Development & Culture
Board alignment Cost reduction Cultural diagnostic Design sprints Financial modelling Leadership alignment Leadership development Organisation effectiveness Performance culture Sustainable co Values and behaviours

The Challenge

Datacom is Australasia’s largest homegrown tech company. Datacom has grown primarily through acquisitions, leading to many sub-cultures co-existing across the organisation and the CEO identified that the existing company values were no longer relevant to many parts of the organisation and were not enabling the Board or executive team to make decisions or drive performance. Q5 were chosen to redefine Datacom’s corporate values and behaviours and develop an implementation plan to activate them across the organisation.  

Our Approach

In the first phase, we engaged across the business to understand what they valued most about Datacom’s existing culture and felt was critical for the future: we interviewed 44 leaders from the Board, leadership team and senior management, held 22 virtual workshops, for each Datacom location and ran a survey across the organisation to gather input on the future values. The principles that underpinned the approach were transparency, ownership by Datacom, respect for the organisations history and a balance of external and internal perspectives in to the process.  

 In the second phase we mobilised a cross-functional design team of ten and ran an intensive design process to craft the new values and behaviours. We held a knowledge sharing session with Air New Zealand on how they had integrated Indigenous heritage into their culture and values; we brought in a D&I subject matter expert to educate the design team on equity and inclusion.   

We used Organisational Network Analysis to identify their ‘top 100 most influential people’ in the organisation, then brought them together to test the draft values and behaviours and mobilise as a change agent network. Finally, we created an implementation plan and designed and facilitated leadership activation sessions with the leadership team and the top 300 leaders to launch the new values.

Key Outcomes

  • A new set of company values and behaviours that are fully owned by Datacom and which have been transparently developed based on input from 44 leaders, 263 workshop attendees and 1700 survey responses
  • A population of 100 ‘Influencers’ have provided feedback and are bought into the new values and are set up as change agents to support the values implementation​
  • The Board and GLT are bought into the new values and behaviours and using them to make strategic decisions and starting to actively role model them as leaders ​

What our clients say about us

"We are an organisation that is going through a period of change right now. Therefore, it was just fabulous to work with people who took the time to understand us, our situation, the nuances of some of the stakeholders, and could be accepted and listened to by the CEO.​ There was no time wasted, fabulous listening skills, fast translation of the theoretical approach into action planning and overall Q5 have delivered some great outcomes that will take us forward and then some."

Siobhan Gallacher, Group People & Culture Director
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