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HPT Diagnostic Personal Data FAQs

What are the “personal data points” that will be collected in this survey?  

  • For the individual HPT survey only, we will collect your name and email address. 
  • For the 360 survey, we will only collect your email address. 
  • You can request your data points that we collected at any time to decide whether you would like us to continue holding the data.    

How will the survey results be used and shared?  

  • Access to the raw survey data and results will only be given to the assigned Q5 facilitator and Q5 project team. 
  • The survey data is only used by the assigned Q5 facilitator and project team to provide analysis and input into developing team effectiveness interventions.  
  • The Q5 project team will look at the data across all participants to identify themes of strength and development needs for the team.  
  • Data will be kept on Q5’s secure system. It will be stored for 6 weeks after the project finishes, after which it will be permanently deleted.  
  • Only aggregated and anonymised data will be shared with your team.  
  • Individuals who have completed the survey, are able to request an email receipt with their own answers only, for reflection purposes.   

Is my response and feedback secure?  

  • The raw data of the survey is returned to the facilitator and the Q5 project team only.
  • Per Q5’s standard for managing personal data, all personal data received from clients for processing is stored in a specifically marked folder, which is only accessible by Q5 employees who require access who are located within the EU. Data is encrypted at rest and in flight. Data is transferred using SharePoint Online using SSL connections with 2048-bit keys. Data stored on local devices is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. 
  • Only the aggregated and anonymised results are shared with the project team.

How will you ensure that my feedback remains confidential?  

  • The survey document does not include your name at the time of sharing results with your team.  Your name will only be collected and seen by the assigned Q5 facilitator and Q5 project team to analyse the data.  
  • All responses are stored on our Q5 secure server, with access rights exclusive to the assigned Q5 facilitator and project team. It will be stored for 6 weeks after the project finishes, after which it will be permanently deleted. 
  • Aggregated and anonymised results will be shared with your team as part of the debriefing.  
  • If we have fewer than 3 responses, we will not share the data outside of Q5 as 3 data points are not enough to ensure confidentiality.  
  • There is no capture or reporting of demographic data. 
  • Written responses to the free-form questions will be included in the playback, however, verbatims that identify the author will be re-written to ensure confidentiality.  

How long will you store results for?   

  • Q5 will store the survey results for 6 weeks from the date the project finishes, so that we have the information available for any further team development planning and/ or activity, if needed. 
  • After the 6 weeks, the data is permanently and securely deleted from SharePoint by deleting the relevant files from their storage location, then purging the SharePoint ‘recycle bin’. This renders the documents irretrievable.  

Can I withdraw my consent following the completion of the survey?  

Yes. If you decide to withdraw your consent following completion of the survey, please note that:  

  • Your responses can be removed from the survey document storage and result reports provided you notify the Q5 facilitator by the given survey completion deadline, at which point the assigned Q5 facilitator and Q5 project team will be preparing the group aggregated summary report. In this instance, please contact the Q5 facilitator directly. 
  • Notifying the Q5 facilitator of your withdrawal of consent after this date, will result in your information being removed from the project set, so that any future reports created from the date of your request, will not include your responses.

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