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Communication for the multigenerational workforce's future


Multigenerational communication at work

What’s Next? The future of communication to a multigenerational workforce


This panel discussion features esteemed business and media figures, including Alan Rusbridger and Suzanne Heywood, discussing the dynamic challenges of a multigenerational workforce with varying motivational needs in today’s evolving work landscape. With employees staying shorter in roles, this debate promises diverse perspectives on navigating the complex working environment. Listen below.


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In this panel discussion, our esteemed co-host and panellists cover a broad range of senior business and media sector experiences and opinions, that will ensure a lively and well-informed debate:

  • Alan Rusbridger, Panel host, Editor-in-Chief of Prospect and formerly Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian.
  • Suzanne Heywood, COO of EXOR (the European investment company behind Ferrari, Iveco, Stellantis, Juventus FC, The Economist amongst others). Suzanne is also the Executive Chair of CNHI, “Author of “Wavewalker” and “What does Jeremy Think” and one the UK’s most influential business leaders of the moment.
  • Kamal Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder at The News Movement (TNM).
  • Laura Hackett, Deputy Literary Editor of the Sunday Times.

Employees are no longer retiring at 65 or staying with the same company for 40 years. The average tenure of a Gen Z worker is 2.75 years. Gen Xers, Millennials, Gen Z and Boomers are rubbing alongside each other, with differing motivational needs, in an ever-confusing working world.


Check out the video of the event below:

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