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The changing role of business in society


The changing role of business in society

Our second ‘What’s Next’ event in partnership with Prospect magazine – The Changing Role of Business in Society. Ellen Halliday, Deputy Editor at Prospect was joined by:

  • Rt Hon. Justine Greening, Chair of the Purpose Coalition.
  • Sarah Gillard, CEO of A Blueprint for Better Business, a leading UK think tank on Purpose Driven Organisations. Sarah previously led the work on Purpose at John Lewis Partnership.
  • Ed Boyd, co-founder of ReGenerate and previously MD of the Centre for Social Justice and advisor to the Cameron government.
  • Stu Hennigan, author of Ghost Signs: Poverty and the Pandemic. Stu’s book highlights social inequality and the devastation that has occurred in our poorest communities over the last decade.

This is a fascinating conversation on why and how the role of business is changing, the impact this is having right now and how this is likely to evolve over the next few years. This is a topic every business leader needs to engage with, discussing questions such as:

  • Are we witnessing a paradigm shift, is what makes a business successful being redefined?
  • Will the relationship between business and society be the critical factor in business success going forward?
  • As a leader, what do you need to know and understand about social licence to operate

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