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Impact of GenAI on work, learning and media


Impact of GenAI on work, learning and media

Bionic podcast – episode 1 with Ethan Zuckerman


“Bionic,” our new podcast, explores the profound changes in our lives and workplaces brought by new technologies and Generative AI. Through monthly episodes featuring industry pioneers, the series dives into the digital evolution’s opportunities, challenges, and its impact on our professional and personal lives, addressing the ethical debates surrounding language models.


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We’re excited to be kicking off our new series Bionic, a ground-breaking podcast designed to help leaders and individuals navigate the significant changes in our workplace and lives driven by new technologies and Generative AI. 

Hosted by Q5 and released monthly, we’ll be joined by leading figures who are pioneering the space to understand the biggest opportunities and challenges of our most significant digital evolution to date. 

To kick things off with a bang, we’re joined by Ethan Zuckerman to dissect the social implications of AI and the wide-ranging effects on the way we work, learn and communicate. We ask the crucial question: Is it a revolutionary breakthrough or simply the next logical step in technological progress?

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion as we unpack the practical uses of language models, their impact on our professional and personal lives, and the important ethical debates they spark – all in the opening episode of Bionic.

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