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HR strategy in the world of Generative AI


HR strategy in the world of Generative AI

Bionic Episode 2: HR Strategy in the world of Generative AI

Featuring David Lloyd, Chief of AI & Data at Dayforce

“Bionic,” our new podcast, explores the profound changes in our lives and workplaces brought by new technologies and Generative AI. Through monthly episodes featuring industry pioneers, the series dives into the digital evolution’s opportunities, challenges, and its impact on our professional and personal lives, addressing the ethical debates surrounding language models.


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We’re delighted to bring you the second episode of Bionic, our podcast that explores the transformative impact of Generative AI and new technology on our work and personal lives.​​

This time, we’re joined by David Lloyd, Chief of AI at Dayforce, to deep dive into the ways that Generative AI is transforming people management, organisational dynamics, and key opportunities that it presents for maximising HR strategy.

By the end of this episode, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of the potential that AI offers across key stages of the employee lifecycle. We’ll also provide frameworks, tips and insights into navigating top-of-mind challenges such as data privacy, knowledge management and maintaining a positive employee experience. 

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