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Innovation and Generative AI in Retail, Consumer & Leisure


Innovation and Generative AI in Retail, Consumer & Leisure

Bionic Episode 3: Harnessing innovation through Generative AI in Retail, Consumer & Leisure

Featuring Matt Truman and Owen Eddershaw from True

“Bionic,” our new podcast, explores the profound changes in our lives and workplaces brought by new technologies and Generative AI. Through monthly episodes featuring industry pioneers, the series dives into the digital evolution’s opportunities, challenges, and its impact on our professional and personal lives, addressing the ethical debates surrounding language models.


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In the world of Retail, Consumer and Leisure, what are the biggest opportunities for business leaders to harness the full potential of Generative AI?

Our next episode of Bionic features Matt Truman and Owen Eddershaw from consumer specialist investment and innovation advisory firm True to unpack this crucial question. Going beyond the hype, we’ll unpack what innovation truly means in the current Retail landscape, learn about who’s doing it best, and key tips for optimising all touchpoints through the Retail value chain through the opportunities brought forth by Generative AI.

If you’re a business leader who’s interested in assessing organisational readiness for Generative AI, as well as current best practices within implementing with impact from both an employee and consumer perspective, then you don’t want to miss this episode!

Listen to the podcast in the links below!

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