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Building purpose-driven organisations


Building purpose-driven organisations

Lyndal Hughes

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Q5 was honored to be featured on the recent People Leaders podcast, represented by Q5 Australia’s Managing Director, Lyndal Hughes, who engaged in a lively discussion with their host Jan about the importance of purpose-driven organisations.

In this episode, Lyndal shared Q5’s approach to assisting organisations and teams in finding their “Why”, both collectively and personally, and how it leads to more meaningful work for all involved. The podcast provided a platform for Lyndal to shed light on the benefits of being a purpose-driven organisation, including higher market share and three times faster growth compared to those without a purpose.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our insights and expertise with the listeners of the People Leaders podcast.

You can listen to the episode below, as well as access our PDF that highlights some of the key points discussed during the interview.

Click here to access our PDF of key interview points

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