Madeleine Orr

Consultant   UK

Madeleine Orr

Madeleine joined Q5 as a consultant in March 2022. Since then, she is building her experience in the Public Sector, working on service delivery models and change management. She excels at building and maintaining strong relationships with people, and her amiable demeanour and ability to communicate well allows her to achieve long term success and lasting change.

Prior to Q5, she worked in healthcare, recruitment, and business improvement. She understands the importance of building resilience and efficiency into a business and equipping teams with the tools to adapt to change in times of uncertainty.

Madeleine holds a BA in Geography from the University of Durham, where she also Captained the Women’s Boat Club and represented Britain at the European University Games. She enjoys all outdoor adventures, in particular skiing, cycling, and hiking in Yosemite National Park!