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Launch of the Spring Webinar Series!


Launch of the Spring Webinar Series!

Join our 60-minute live webinars under the theme of Purpose-Driven Organisations: 

  • The Purpose Driven Business – What does this really mean? – April 25th 17:00-18:00  
  • Beyond CSR: Partnering with Purpose – May 11th 17:00-18:00
  • What makes a healthy culture? – May 26th 17:00-18:00


The Purpose Driven Business – What does this really mean? 

 The value of corporate purpose is not a new phenomenon; however, the significance of purpose in today’s climate makes it an instrumental component, taking corporate responsibility way beyond traditional financial targets, ensuring organisations act as a force for customer, community, colleague and environmental good. Counter to some traditional ways of operating, it may dictate decisions that, in the short term, may negatively impact the bottom line, seeing corporates act, not only as vehicles of wealth creation, but as instruments of global and national systems change.  

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Beyond CSR: Partnering with Purpose 

Continuing Q5’s theme of the quarter on the Purpose-Driven Business, in this webinar we will explore the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

The evolution of CSR within organisations is not only a nice to have but also a necessity for organisations seeking to have purpose at their centre. 

Please join us for this webinar where we will explore the CSR trends our experts are seeing in both the charity and private sector and reflect on how strategic partnerships can collaboratively tackle some of the world’s big issues.  

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What makes a healthy culture? 

Most organisations are clear on their strategic goals and how to organise themselves to deliver on these ambitions. However too many fail to spend time curating a culture that supports the environment required to achieve those goals. 

Building a healthy organisation culture drives performance, alignment and engagement and is a key differentiator for organisational success. It is what enables businesses to accelerate the execution of their strategy and galvanise their people for the future. 

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