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Pop up Placement


We are award-winning experts in organisation change, helping to build better businesses across the world.  Q5 was set up to be nimble enough to work across different sectors and locations, and create results based on the specific needs of our clients. We are pleased to offer a 5/6 month placement within our Pop up Consulting team. 

Pop Up Consulting was launched at the start of the C19 pandemic in March 2020 to help charities and small businesses navigate the impact of the pandemic and beyond. We offer 1-2 day pro bono consulting interventions to help address strategic and operational challenges including strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, leadership development, change management and organisational design.  

The purpose of this role is to support with all Q5’s Pop Up activities by both helping with Pop Up workshops from start to finish, and supporting how the initiative is managed and developed. The student will be encouraged to help further develop and shape the offer, bringing ideas, for example, around new ways to design, run and measure the impact of the Pop Up workshops / interventions. No ideas are off the table!

The student will have the opportunity to work with multiple different organisations (e.g. charities, not-for-profits, SMEs), across a broad range of social issues (e.g. food waste, education, mental health, poverty, sustainability), giving them exposure to a variety of organisational challenges across different sectors. This role would suit someone with an interest in both consulting and an interest in social impact and the third sector (e.g. charities, not-for-profits). 

The research analyst will report to Olivia Taylor as the Pop Up Consulting Lead. 

To find out more about Pop Up Consulting please see:  

Our Pop Up story video:  

We’re delighted to have recently won the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award with our Pop Up Consulting. Please click on the link to find out more:  

Key responsibilities:  

Pop Up Workshops  

  • Work with Pop Up lead to design, plan and deliver Pop Up workshops to address the key question / scope that has been agreed. Brainstorm possible format for running the workshops, leveraging Q5’s established consulting methodologies.  
  • Attend and take notes during scoping calls with potential Pop Up beneficiaries (our ‘clients’), to define scope of the workshops. 
  • Put together pre-work Power Point document to be sent to beneficiaries that will be used to help the Q5 team prepare for the workshops. 
  • Carry out relevant market research, competitor analysis, social media / website review and other ad hoc research needed to support the Pop Up workshops. 
  • Create and design online workshop space on Mural to be used during workshops. 
  • Support facilitation of the Pop Up workshops by presenting research, running idea generating exercises, contributing to the discussion, taking notes and generally supporting the team to help address the agreed question / scope.  
  • After workshops, finalise notes from the workshops and pull together Output Power Point document from the session to be sent to beneficiaries. 
  • Support with the creation of new templates / collateral to be used in the workshops.  
  • Create surveys, questionnaires as needed to support Pop Up workshops (e.g. Survey Monkey, MentiMeter etc) 

Tracking and day-to-day activities 

  • Responsible for tracking Pop Ups workshops’ progress by keeping Excel spreadsheet up-to-date on a daily basis. Keep track of live projects, completed projects, contact details, feedback, etc.  
  • Track Pop Ups’ wider benefit by measuring and capturing key measures and metrics, including: 
  • Internal measures (e.g. case studies to share with wider Q5 team) 
  • External measures (e.g. post-workshops survey, quarterly survey, etc). 


Quarterly Review  

  • Support Pop up lead in pulling together material and discussion points to share in the Quarterly Review with a couple of Q5’s founding partners
  • Create diversity and inclusion analysis and other data analysis for Pop Ups to present during Quarterly Review.  

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Building greater diversity and inclusion in our workforce and culture underpins all our values at Q5. To be true to our values we want to create an inclusive environment that celebrates the visible and invisible diversity of all people. Having truly diverse teams that reflect the communities we operate in can help deliver the best outcomes for our clients and whilst giving everyone the opportunity to bring their best selves to work.

This form has been designed to assess the representation within our candidate pool. We have a desire to ensure our workplace is accommodating of all people from all backgrounds – your answers will help us understand our current reach and continuously look at ways to improving our working environment. All questions give you the option not to answer (‘prefer not to say’).

Data will be treated in strictest confidence – this form is anonymous and NOT in any way attributable to your application. None of the recruiting team, or any of your interviewers will see any of your responses.

If you have any questions or if we can support you in any way throughout the interview process, please feel free to ask the recruitment professional you are progressing with.

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