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Digital Marketing Analyst – Part Time

Part Time

Digital Marketing Analyst  – 6 month Contract

This is an Associate role, working 3 days a week.  Ideally you’d be able to flex on the occasions when there is lots to deliver

The purpose of this role is to support Q5 marketing activities as part of the ‘Work Winning’ team of marketing and business development.  The Marketing analyst will be the ‘go to’ person on all things related to Q5 Marketing. They will report to Annabel Tongue as the Q5 Marketing Lead. 

Key responsibilities: 

Maintaining and Building Brand 

  • Work with Q5 Marketing lead to design and deliver the Marketing plan. Identify gaps and opportunities 
  • Ensure the Q5 Style Guide/ Who We Are Guide is kept up to date and reflects the Q5 brand 
  • Police’ branded documents to ensure adherence to Brand guidelines 
  • Execute a continuous year-round marketing plan, taking on board both internal and external input 


  • Be technically proficient or interested in developing technical skills in tools for website content creation I.e. Video, interactive surveys, report design and creation (I.e. Indesign)survey design (Survey Monkey), event invites (Mail Chimp) and google analytics. 
  • Be a key team member of the website redesign and rebuild project 
  • Create written content for the website that includes attention grabbing headlines and short articles 
  • Responsible for website updates including video, case studies, research, people changes etc 
  • Act as ‘go to’ person for Q5 website internally and externally for website host/developer 

Q5 External Webinars  

  • Manage the plan for Q5 webinars – identifying gaps, pressure points and liaising with Sector leads and Offerings leads to understand content requirements and priorities  
  • Create written content to support the webinars including attention grabbing headlines, email invites (I.e. via Mail chimp) Eventbrite, LinkedIn/Twitter/Insta posts and google analytics 
  • Liaise with Q5’ers for all supporting content 
  • Work closely with Q5 Social Media Manager to ensure content is available and to sense check the messages that are being shared across all of Q5’s channels 

Pop up Consultancy support 

  • Liaise with Pop up consultancy lead to understand marketing requirements 
  • Align with webinar plans  
  • Work closely with Q5 Social Media Manager to ensure content is available and to sense check the messages that are being shared across all of Q5’s channels 

Quarterly newsletter 

  • Draft content for newsletter excerpts and longer article that will appear on Q5 website, along with supporting images 
  • Seek comments from relevant stakeholders, revise and seek final approvals  
  • Ensure all logistics for distribution are ready CMAP lists, MailChimp etc.) 
  • Set up articles on, including all links 
  • Agree any US or Australia specifics such as US spelling 
  • Monitor metrics 
  • Feedback to leadership team  

Content Creation for video  

  • Plan and develop briefs for video projects  
  • Source supplier quotes and confirm and fully brief videographer.  
  • Schedule filming sessions, brief interviewees and manage process on the day 
  • Manage the process of getting the video edited and signed off (including with client organisation as required) 
  • Arrange for all necessary versions to be available, e.g., different lengths, formats and file sizes for different uses and platforms.  
  • Ensure the group using the video has a clear plan for distribution  
  • Monitor metrics. 


  • Ensure that CMAP is the central point for Q5 CRM and adheres to GDPR requirements 
  • Liaise with sector leads and Virtual Assistants to ensure that CMAP is as accurate as possible 
  • Highlight errors and/or omissions and work to address these as required with contact owners 


  • Support the logistics for any events that are being planned, internal and external 
  • Work with event sponsor to organise content and all preparation 
  • Be available to support in person at the event   


Ad hoc as required 




Branded Merchandise 




Skills required 

  • A self-starter with capabilities in:  
  • Planning and Project Management 
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication 
  • Copywriting  
  • Initiative and follow through 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Basic digital design skills 



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