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Content & Marketing Manager


Looking for an energetic and experienced marketing professional that can help broaden Q5’s reach and influence in our target clients globally.


Key Responsibilities

Defining our voice and strategy

  • Develop the global Q5 marketing strategy; the approach to getting our voice out there and generating new leads and contacts.
  • Own the Q5 marketing calendar, the plan to bring the strategy to life with content and events across core Q5 regions, and the measures of success we hope to see.


Celebrate our work, our thoughts and our clients

  • Manage Q5’s social media channels, developing our LinkedIn profile and Q5ers to showcase their thinking in this space, and curating a quarterly digital newsletter from Q5. Q5ers will provide content, but needs editing and running the process.  
  • Ensure Q5 website is kept refreshed and up to date with current and impactful case studies, video content and articles.
  • Ensure priority client credentials are captured after projects in an engaging and useful way (quotes, video clips).
  • Arrange 5-6 events a year for Q5 London, including Winter and Summer drinks event.  There would be budget and administrative support provided. This would include the approach to invites, messaging and comms, and ensuring the event is a success.
  • Support the production and launch of 1-2 pieces of ‘thought capital’ from Q5 a year.  These will be led by a nominated Q5er, but will require graphic design, copy editing and support launching and tracking impact.
  • Defining our tone of voice in all marketing communications, producing simple tools that other Q5 colleagues can follow (tone of voice/brand book/style guide)


Building capability & community

  • Communicate our marketing performance with regular (monthly) updates on what is affective and what is not, celebrating the most popular posts and events.
  • Lead the Q5 marketing ‘community’ chairing monthly calls to share and discuss the marketing calendar and build ownership across the business.


Managge and monitor performance

  • Manage our client contacts database to ensure it is kept up to date and used effectively.
  • Measure our marketing performance against agreed KPIs and help the business learn what is effective in our target markets.
  • Advise on any other tools Q5 should invest in (eg to monitor analytics, or self edit videos)


Ultimately this is about generating leads, opportunities and sales for Q5 which help us meet our annual targets.  Proxy measures could include.

  • Prospective client attendance at events (especially new contacts)
  • Demonstrated engagement with Q5’s digital channels (website views, video watches)
  • Newsletter readers, KPIs around website and LinkedIn views. If we can demonstrate these to actual sales, that is the ticket.


Skills required

  • An ability to write in jargon free, engaging plain english, to get under the skin of (and help further define) our ‘brand’
  • Ability to use (or learn to use) existing and future marketing software (mailchimp, pingg, google analytics, linkedin)
  • (appreciated) Video & photo editing and basic graphic design skills.
  • Event management expertise (running and coordinating events, working with suppliers etc.



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