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Bid Writer – Public Sector & Infrastructure Sectors

Full Time

Q5 Bid Writer – Public Sector & Infrastructure Sectors  

Q5 recognises the need to capitalise on the opportunities emerging in the Public Sector and Infrastructure, on portals and frameworks. Both sectors are significant growth areas for Q5 and sourcing and responding to the online opportunities supplements other Business Development activities.   


There are 2 key routes for Business development opportunities in these sectors: the traditional Q5 relationship route and the formal procurement route. The two routes are complimentary and Q5 must continue to excel at both. The Sector leads take responsibility for building and maintaining key relationships, and we propose that the Bid Writer will play an essential role in the procurement route.  


The procurement process in both sectors is often convoluted, complex and time consuming. Much of the information that needs to be managed overlaps across the sectors and there are some common responses needed. In addition, key parts of the responses require careful architecting from Q5 delivery experts to ensure that Q5 can demonstrate their unique capability and ability to deliver to the client need.    


Purpose of the role  


The purpose of the Q5 Bid Writer is to take responsibility for the Public Sector and Infrastructure bids. They will be the ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Q5 for bid-based BD work. The role holder will work closely with Rebecca Trumper. Rebecca will continue to be responsible for the process of finding suitable opportunities on portals, of qualifying which tenders we will respond to, and quality controlling bids as well as writing content too. Rebecca will continue to work with Denise on the standard responses and policies.  


They will be supported by the PS consultant who will also be surveying the portals and helping with more of the standard replies. 


There are 3 key aspects of which the first is the most significant:  

  1. Being the central Solution Architect across bids ensuring that Q5 knowledge capital is maximised effectively and efficiently.  
  1. Pursuing individual opportunities once the opportunity has been qualified.  
  1. Supporting the ‘go to market’ plan, based on the overarching BD strategy, with the Sector leads. 

1 Being the central Solution Architect across bids ensuring that Q5 knowledge capital is maximised effectively and efficiently.  

This will involve:  

  • Ensuring the consistent production of high-level solutions for any client ‘ask’, by seeking and creating the Q5 collateral that best represents how Q5 can deliver to a particular ask. For example, the approaches, case studies, Q5’ers and testimonials to be included.  
  • Establishing the authentic “voice” of Q5 so that our responses and pitches resonate with the client and are compelling as well as comprehensive 
  • Ensuring that bids are not simply ‘cut and pasted” from previous proposals but are well crafted, written through approaches 
  • Reviewing bids and pitches to ensure lessons are learned and shared 
  • Commission content including standard responses as requirements change  
  • Reviewing simpler bids written by others and writing the more complex 


2 Pursuing the chosen opportunities within each sector that enable delivery of the plan.  

  • Project management throughout a bid/response lifecycle (from PQQ through to ITT)  
  • Convenes early discussion with key subject experts in Q5 to shape the proposal and ensure it is in line with Q5 methodology and approach  
  • Liaising with potential clients to secure additional supporting information when required  
  • Holding the pen on responses and writing/editing responses to ensure the right tone and content 
  • Overseeing the commercial and contractual aspects of the bid, drawing on Sector Leads and to agree the final terms  
  • Co-ordinating all parties involved in the bid process to ensure delivery of a complete, high-quality response that best reflects Q5’s services and abilities.  
  • Leading the design and preparation of pitches: briefing pitch participants on context of the Q5 submission / attending where necessary 
  • Collation of feedback and development of lessons learned in each bid.  


3 Working with the Sector leads to support the ‘go to market’ plan based on the overarching BD strategy for the sector and sub sectors.   

This will include:  

  • Identifying the different frameworks that Q5 would benefit from being on and managing the timeframes and process for achieving this when there is an application to be submitted  
  • Responsibility for supporting portal (i.e. ‘cold’) BD responses  
  • Regularly reviewing progress against the above and revising where necessary. 


Person Specification  

The role requires a highly motivated, innovative, and customer-focused individual with a ‘can do’ attitude and an ability to write and co-ordinate compelling responses. They should be an experienced practitioner who can create realistic proposals that will deliver the outcomes required. They should be an experienced manager, able to motivate and inspire others; able to obtain a high level of work from the team to ensure all deadlines are met efficiently and that the bid is of the highest quality possible.    

  • Experienced, self-motivated individual with a proven track record in delivering proposal management and bid advice for proposals.  
  • Experience and track record of delivering suitable and compelling proposals across industry sectors that respond fully to the request in terms of content, team shape and budget  
  • Self-starter able to work effectively as part of a team.  
  • Excellent project management skills.  
  • Experience of managing diverse senior stakeholder groups.  
  • Proactive with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and a creative approach to developing solutions.  
  • Emotional intelligence and an ability to flex approach to the situation.  

Individual can be based outside of London with the ability to work remotely. 

Part time or Full time  


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