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2022 Winter Intership – Consulting

Part Time

What makes this internship unique?

You will be on Q5’s enterprise-level client project/projects to understand what it is like to work in Consulting and the type of work Q5 does.

It is an eight-week program that can be either full time or part-time.

Why should I be interested?

  • A global company with a small local team means greater exposure to and opportunity to get involved in a broader set of businesses. E.g.
    • Business Development
    • Marketing
    • Strategy
    • Running a business etc
  • You will be assigned with a mentor and a buddy through the whole internship
  • Structured training with a good balance of in-person coaching and online self-paced learning
  • On-going training and development in a friendly and supportive environment
  • Potential full-time permanent Consultant position after your graduation

Who are we?

We are award-winning experts in organizational change and design, helping to build better businesses across the world.  Q5 was set up to be nimble enough to work across different sectors and locations, and create results based on the specific needs of our clients. To learn more about us, please visit


What will you be doing?

Our programme is designed to introduce graduates to our business and to the three key areas of activity we undertake – practice management, business development and project delivery. This will include learning about how a consultancy works, the skills and behaviours expected of a consultant, and the methodology and delivery styles that we use. All Research Analysts will have a dedicated mentor who will explain and review objectives and the progress made against them.   


Main objectives: 

  • Introduction to Business Development, including pipeline principles, proposals, client presentations  
  • Business presentation and research skills 
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Organisation Design: Principles, methodologies and process.   
  • Business writing and business analysis 
  • Introduction to Organisation Development: principles and methodology 

Example activities: 

  • Assist Partners with research projects  
  • Help Consultants in the development of new presentation tools 
  • Assist in preparation and customisation of workshop materials, client tool kits and templates 
  • Observe how sessions are prepared and run  
  • Assist in the creation of client deliverables 

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone who can commit to a minimum of 3.5 days of work per week. It’d be even better if you can commit more days.
  • Passionate about solving business and organisational problems, story-telling and critical & cognitive thinking 
  • Strong communicators 
  • Adaptable and work well under pressure 
  • Strong on analytical and relationship-building ability 
  • Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen, or have met the migration requirement of applying PR. 

* Please do not apply for this opportunity if you are graduating from Dec 2023 onwards. Please follow Q5 on LinkedIn and apply this time next year. 



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Building greater diversity and inclusion in our workforce and culture underpins all our values at Q5. To be true to our values we want to create an inclusive environment that celebrates the visible and invisible diversity of all people. Having truly diverse teams that reflect the communities we operate in can help deliver the best outcomes for our clients and whilst giving everyone the opportunity to bring their best selves to work.

This form has been designed to assess the representation within our candidate pool. We have a desire to ensure our workplace is accommodating of all people from all backgrounds – your answers will help us understand our current reach and continuously look at ways to improving our working environment. All questions give you the option not to answer (‘prefer not to say’).

Data will be treated in strictest confidence – this form is anonymous and NOT in any way attributable to your application. None of the recruiting team, or any of your interviewers will see any of your responses.

If you have any questions or if we can support you in any way throughout the interview process, please feel free to ask the recruitment professional you are progressing with.

Applicant Diversity & Inclusion Assessment


Thank You for Applying

Thank you for taking the time to apply for our position. We’re currently in the process of taking applications. If you are successful, our team will be in touch.