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Unlocking organisational health

Mackenzie Clark by Mackenzie Clark

Unlocking organisational health

Unlocking organisational health (not trauma) through strategic operating model design


This downloadable article highlights three essential principles for leaders to achieve sustainable cost optimisation through operating model design. Leaders must prioritise the human experience, avoid knee-jerk reactions, and recognise that cost doesn’t exist in isolation. Balancing efficiency and organisational health is crucial for success in today’s challenging business landscape.


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This downloadable article will provide three essential principles that every leader needs to know in order to achieve sustainable cost optimisation through their operating model design program.

Efficiency is crucial in the current business landscape of rising costs, inflation, and interest rates. Organisations are scrambling to optimise their costs to survive. But the real challenge lies in maintaining the overall health of the organisation during this process.

In order to succeed, leaders must view sustainable cost optimisation and organisational health as critical priorities that are seen as supportive of each other. At Q5, we address this challenge by organising capabilities in a way that enables the organisation to deliver on strategy and involve teams in the process, so they have a better sense of how the business makes money.

For any business leader looking to take a sustainable and healthier approach to cost optimisation, we’ve identified three essential principles as the greatest drivers for success, based on our previous work in this space.

  • Place the human experience above all to avoid sending the organisation into paralysis
  • Don’t rush to cut and avoid the knee-jerk reactions
  • Cost doesn’t exist in isolation

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