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Solve for S

Georgie Balcon by Georgie Balcon

Solve for S report
This report sets out the scene for the ESG landscape and explores the opportunities and challenges for businesses in relation to the S. It also explores the role of civil society partnerships with businesses and how civil society can help businesses achieve the S.

We’ve partnered with ReGenerate, Pro Bono Economics and The Law Family Commission on Civil Society to bring you a report about the S in ESG. In the report we talk about how businesses can approach the S in ESG and how partnerships with civil society can help. We interviewed over thirty-five industry experts from business, investment, standard setters, ESG aggregators and civil society to build a holistic view of challenges and opportunities.

We hope that this report will contribute to creating a shared and common understanding of how ESG as a tool can support and encourage positive business impacts on society, helping people through the cost of living crisis, and how civil society partnerships can help businesses with their social impact goals.

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As society is facing growing risks from the impacts of climate change, other social issues are emerging and are being seen to have a destabilising effect. While business can benefit society by employing people, paying taxes and creating services and products people want, it is within the power of businesses to go further, and to address many of these issues more directly. This can range from being increasingly aware of the impacts they can have on their workforce, consumers and communities, to actively aiming to reduce harm and increase the benefits that result from the way that they operate. The way that the investment system provides capital can make a large difference to how businesses operate, and at the same time, there is an increasing role for civil society to play in partnerships with business in helping to deliver social benefit. This briefing paper therefore relates to how businesses can approach the S in ESG as an investment tool, and how partnerships with civil society can help.

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