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The Youth Panel

Why we set up the Youth Panel

We set up the Youth Panel in 2018 for two reasons:

  1. We believe our clients, and we as Q5, should be thinking about our future workforce, and our future customers – what drives and motivates them, and what they want from the world of work. Through the Youth Panel we engage with a driven, inspiring group of 16-18 year olds every year, to understand their expectations for their future careers, workplaces and the brands they consume.
  2. We want to give young people a chance to engage with and learn about the management consulting industry. The Youth Panel is an exciting opportunity for young people to gain experience of a fast-paced dynamic workplace, to learn about our business, and to meet and collaborate with peers from around the UK.

How it works

Every summer, we run an application process open to all 16 to 18 year-olds in the UK. From the applicants, we draw a panel of up to 14 young people who convene four times a year at our London office (we cover travel costs) or virtually. We run these meetings as workshops, using experiential learning techniques and facilitated sessions to simulate a day in the life of a management consultant and delve into their opinions and thoughts on the world of work. Sometimes we pose specific client dilemmas to the group, when our clients want a younger perspective.

The outcome

Our workshops provide the opportunity for panellists to share their perspectives on key topics our clients may be considering, such as expectations for the future workplace. These enable panellists to explore real-world challenges which are both relevant and interesting across different sectors.

In panel sessions, we discuss career paths in consulting, industry trends, contemporary challenges like AI and sustainability, and key consulting skills including pitching and teamwork. We also offer one-on-one mentoring to panellists, to provide guidance and support with university plans, CVs, career tips and more.

Being a panellist helps you learn about careers, solve problems, build consulting skills, explore case studies, connect with diverse peers nationwide, and get practical resources for the future.

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