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Selfridges - Designing to deliver

Client Selfridges
Region UK
Sector Retail and Consumer Goods
Offering Organisation Design
Department stores head office Luxury retail

The Challenge

  • Selfridges wanted to review their current Organisational Design, shape and structure, across head office, retail management and front of house staff to ensure a fit for purpose organisation with the structure, capabilities and talent needed to deliver their strategy. 
  • The impact of the COVID crisis globally meant an imperative to ensure that the organisation, more than ever had the right shape teams and roles to deliver on its strategic ambitions and to ensure it continued to deliver on its brand aspirations and heritage during the pandemic. 
  • Selfridges also recognised that this represented an opportunity to harness agility and build empowerment within, whilst identifying areas to protect and grow. 
  • In 10 weeks, our joint Selfridges & Q5 project team was tasked with identifying and planning what the future Organisational structure could be.

Our Approach

Working virtually due to COVID, Q5 engaged with the Exec team members and their nominated direct reports at Exec-1 level to:

  • Understand the business and functional strategies & goals. 
  • Understand what capabilities existed and what capabilities and roles might be needed for the future. 
  • We combined both qualitative and quantitative analysis gained through interviews and virtual working sessions to shape our thinking and to determine what the right organisation should be.

Key Outcomes

  • We documented to-be structures for each Executive and Functional Area
  • The team identified new ways of working that would best support the Organisational Changes and the Organisational Strategy to best deliver on Selfridges ambition
  • We provided guidance on implementation and support for the internal team
  • In summary Q5 helped ensure alignment and buy-in to the future organisational design

What our clients say about us

"I can honestly say we would not have reached the desired outcomes, without the Q5 teams support and we are in the best place possible for the next phase of this work. It has been an extraordinary time, so thank you for all the work to help Selfridges land this project. We’ve certainly proven OD can be done virtually!"

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