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Property development company

Property development company
Region UK
Sector Infrastructure, Defence and Transport
Offering Talent and future workforce

The Challenge

This client is a successful property development company. Their business operations are split across 3 directorates: offices, retail and residential.

With increasing competition in the client’s sector, their future strategy is focussed on more mixed developments, working increasingly closely together as a business. To support this strategy, their CEO wanted to really understand the key capabilities that would be critical to their future strategy, and where they had the biggest capability gaps.

Our Approach

We reviewed their existing capability data as part of a “talent data room” exercise and conducted capability interviews with their senior executive and SMEs to translate their business strategy into capability requirements and establish a strategic capability framework.

We did capability assessments on their top talent to understand “what good looks like” for each of their strategic capabilities and worked with key stakeholders & talent data analysis to map their existing talent to the capability framework to identify their gaps and biggest priorities.

Key Outcomes

  • A strategic talent map and series of recommendations to build into their people processes to enable the client to recruit, develop and retain talent and capabilities that would ensure the delivery of their future business strategy
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