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Client Moorish
Region UK
Pop Up Consulting

The Challenge

Moorish produce a range of unique, award-winning premium smoked hummus and dips. Having reached a pivotal moment in their growth as a business, Moorish asked for our support with considering the changes they need to make to their organisation size and structure to successfully deliver their strategy and growth ambitions. They also asked for our insights on how they could work together as effectively as possible, and for support with defining and developing their desired culture as they grow the business.

Our Approach

We reviewed Moorish’s current organisational structure to identify what was working well and opportunities for improvement, including key skill and experience gaps. We defined future roles required in the short-medium and longer term, including ideal attributes and behaviours and how these could be identified during the recruitment process. We explored the senior team’s behavioural preferences, using C-Me, a behavioural profiling tool, identifying how ways of working could be maximised, particularly in a virtual context.  

Key Outcomes

  • "The support we received from Q5 was incredibly valuable. As a small company who has only recently taken on staff aside from the Founder, we would not have been able to access traditional consultancy as the cost would have been prohibitive. As we grow our business and our team, we felt it was vital to understand ourselves and also what our resource plan should look like over the next few years."
  • "Q5 were incredibly professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The Q5 team guided us through our challenges and enabled us to not only work out what our resource plan should look like in the future, but also how to find the sort of people we need and even provided direct contacts for recruitment / student placement support so that when we’re ready to go, we just need to pick up the phone."
  • "Throughout the 2 sessions, the Moorish top team were able to discuss our ideas for the future team and we each learnt something that another team member was thinking but we just hadn’t had time, in the busy day-to-day operation of the business, to discuss."
  • "We came away with a better understanding of ourselves, our business and our future team requirements.”

What our clients say about us

“I cannot rate Q5 highly enough. As a small player, working with Q5 meant we were able to access top-class consultancy, with highly experienced and credible professionals who have a wealth of blue-chip consultancy experience. We benefited enormously from their skills in facilitating as well as their highly valuable, practical input and expertise which we are now putting into action.”

Julie Waddell - Moorish, Founder
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