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Merry Go Round

Client Merry Go Round
Region UK
Pop Up Consulting

The Challenge

MerryGoRound are a small start-up charity that collect donations and put together bundles of clothes, books, and shoes for children in need in London. The organisation was set up at the start of the pandemic and have been focused on keeping the wheels turning operationally with an ‘all hands to the pump’ mentality, which limited opportunities to consider the wider picture and longer-term ambition for MerryGoRound. They asked Q5 to support with articulating this future ambition and their priorities, as well as putting some definition around roles and responsibilities going forward. 

Our Approach

We ran two virtual workshops for MerryGoRound to help them clarify their strategic priorities, identify opportunities to improve the operations and clarify roles and responsibilities of volunteers. We helped to articulate a mission statement and future vision for the charity and then identified actions to work towards bringing the vision to life. We looked at MerryGoRound’s key activities to define a future workflow map with clarified roles and responsibilities required to deliver the work in the future.

Key Outcomes

  • Our support provided MerryGoRound with greater clarity on their shorter-term strategic priorities with a high-level action plan to meet their ambition, supported by greater clarity in how the operational side of the charity, including key roles, will work going forward.
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