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Managing digital workplace change

Client Pearson
Region UK
Sector Public Sector, Health and Not For Profit
Offering Organisation Design, Technology
Technology implementation

The Challenge

Pearson needed to make the shift to modern technology, automated / self-service and consistent ways of working globally, and more clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The Enabling Program (TEP) was born – one global, integrated technology platform providing a simplified, standardised and streamlined approach for the business that touches on all parts of the employee lifecycle. TEP would implement one common platform to drive a single source of the truth, better data reporting, and a steer away from manual processes.  This would provide transparent data, and free up more time for line managers and HR professionals to hold valuable discussions about people strategy putting people back at the heart of Pearson.

Our Approach

  • Q5 helped Pearson to manage change and communications for the UK implementation. We needed to help employees to adopt self-service, line managers to evolve towards being the owner of people management processes for their teams, and HR professionals to take on more strategic value add roles within the new operating model.
  • This involved ensuring these key audiences and stakeholders were ‘change ready’, through targeted and timely communications, addressing the prioritised change impacts, providing both pre- and post-go-live support. We nurtured a network of change agents to assist with local needs, and champion the change within their own areas of the business.
  • We hosted interactive sessions with line managers and HR in the lead up to ‘go-live’, explaining what was changing and why – clarifying what it meant for each individual and for Pearson as a whole. To engage and enable the whole organisation, the training team developed systems e-learning and how-to guides for each step of the process. To ensure change was sustained post-implementation, we created quick-solution one page visual user guides, and handy-deskdrops with helpful hints to guide people through go-live with ease.

Key Outcomes

  • Audiences were equipped with key knowledge and support both pre- and post- go-live.
  • Key change impacts were addressed through communications, and relevant stakeholders had been trained and informed as required.
  • Collateral and methodology used throughout wave 1 for the UK was compiled into a toolkit for repurposing across all remaining 69 countries.
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