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EDF Nuclear IT Services

EDF Nuclear IT Services
Client EDF
Region UK
Sector Infrastructure, Defence and Transport
Offering Organisation Design
Change communications Change management Digital strategy Maturity assessment Ways of working

The Challenge

EDF’s Nuclear IT Services (NITS) aim to deliver excellent IT services to the UK’s nuclear power stations. However, in EDF several nuclear power stations are in the process of defueling and decommissioning whilst others are being built.NITS is in a difficult transitionary time when they are losing some of the stations but have the opportunity to become the provider of choice for new stations.

To realise this opportunity, NITS needs to improve their department to be future-ready, which includes improving capabilities, ways of working, process, governance, communications and change management. 

Q5 were engaged to complete an assessment of where NITS is now, prioritise where they should focus their efforts next, and set up an improvement programme which manages the change and communications of the improvement initiatives.


Our Approach

Phase 1 – We  ran an organisation effectiveness assessment and developed a maturity assessment to understand the challenges and pain-points NITS was experiencing and would experience in the future. 

Phase 2 – We launched the OI programme to deliver near & medium-term improvements; including developing and iterating the governance, launching 12 initiatives directly & coaching the Senior Leadership Team to effectively prioritise.

We also developed a Change and Comms programme to support the OI Programme.

Key Outcomes

  • Co-created a digital strategy approach to align NITS around improving customer experience, the quality of partnerships and key capability areas, e.g. cloud, cyber & data​
  • To structure these improvements, we created 14 key strategic recommendations which all operating improvement had to support​
  • We developed a backlog of 130 initiatives, delivering 86% of Q2 initiatives on time​
  • We set up an Operating Improvement Programme to support managing the initiatives and all ongoing improvement work​
  • Established fortnightly comms cadence, with a readership of 59%+​
  • SLT confirmed that 43% of all key events in 2024 were positively impacted by the OI Programme​
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