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Supporting Operating Model Scaling

Client CityFibre
Region UK
Sector Infrastructure, Defence and Transport, Telecommunications
Offering Organisation Design
As-in health check Change management Design sprints Organisation design Organisation effectiveness Scalable operating model Target Operating Model (TOM) Transformation Vision and purpose

The Challenge

As the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure, CityFibre was on a journey to scale its operations across the UK.

The team asked for Q5’s support to first identify any challenges to achieving significant scale at pace, and to then develop a robust, scalable operating model, underpinned by processes and governance. 

Our Approach

The methodological Q5 Metro Map guided our approach. We engaged the Board and over 30 senior stakeholders to assess the ‘As Is’, exploring the future demands and current pain points facing operational and commercial delivery.

Through this exploration of existing challenges impacting BAU activity, we identified four key issues that presented risk to scaling, which touched systems, ways of working and governance.

Following this, we ran ‘sprints’ with key stakeholders, taking an iterative and rapid approach to ‘unblock’ these issues. The thinking that came out of these sprints informed the future operating model work.

Throughout, we worked collaboratively with the ExCo, including validation with Investors, to align the senior leadership around the future vision and purpose of CityFibre and the proposed future operating model.

Key Outcomes

  • As an output of this work, we produced a clear view of the current organisational ‘hotspots’ – issues that were currently impacting on operational performance, and those which would inhibit future growth.
  • The vision, purpose, guiding principles and scalable, robust operating model we developed through this work empowered rapid growth through more consistent and repeatable processes. This met the business’s commercial demands and need for future growth, including integrating recent acquisitions, and had crucial stakeholder support.
  • We developed a revised top-level organisational structure, which was reviewed and signed off by CityFibre’s ExCo and investors, and a clearly defined and manageable implementation plan, which minimised disruption to BAU operations.
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