Change in every quarter

It’s not your strategy, it’s you

9 out of 10 businesses fail to deliver their strategy, not because the strategy is wrong, but because internally they are not aligned behind it.

Dare to change

Change is never easy. There will be tough decisions, tougher conversations and a fundamental impact on many of your people.

Actions speak louder than words

Change initiatives rarely fail in conception: they often fail in execution.

It’s in the name

Sometimes change has to happen quickly, this quarter; but it must always be sustained through the 4 quarters of the year and beyond, into ‘quarter 5’

Welcome to Q5

Q5 is an award-winning consultancy, with a focus on delivering organisation change and business transformation. Our exceptional consultants and project 'deliverers' are experts in delivering valuable and lasting change.  Our clients, global top tier executives, commission Q5 to help their people "dare to dream", "transform", "think the unthinkable" and "deliver exceptional results" through an accelerated change process. These are their words. This is our world. We would love you to explore it.



Client Showcase

The FSCS needed to shift its organisation culture and ways of working to a much more customer service focused approach. Traditionally the business...
UBM, a leading global B2B media company, identified the need to create a cadre of senior managers who can step up and lead the business through...
Following the arrival of a new CEO and HR Director in the UK, the business went through a comprehensive restructure. In support of this restructure,...
Like many companies in recent years, has been fiercely tested by the economic climate, exacerbated in their case by a recent...
Emma Bridgewater wanted to continue their record of strong growth and looked to Q5 for help in gaining access to more accurate and insightful...
The Technology function of RMG embarked on a major change programme, called OMIP, that sought to implement a new operating model across its business...
Sainsbury's board were dissatisfied with the performance of their online general merchandise sales. Q5 were commissioned to provide a '...
GNM, like all media organisations, has been severely tested by the effects of structural change in the global newspaper industry, which has seen...
The arrival of a new CEO meant a new strategy for easyJet and structural changes across the organisation as they delivered on this strategy. They...
As part of a wider transformation across its business, Boots had created a programme to digitise the workplace. This included providing a shared...

The Q5 foundation

The Q5 Foundation is a charitable trust set up to enable us as a company to get involved in, and provide resources to, excellent causes; and to encourage our employees to do the same. We have set aside a proportion of our annual earnings to support a nominated charity.

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with ‘aspirations agency' Spark + Mettle! [read more...]


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Government Digital Service-Transformation is about organisational change: GDS open letter to its new Advisory Board:
Thx to CEO Darren Topp for his kind words about Q5 in @retailweek keynote talk today. BHS ready to reset, refocus & rebuild #RWL16
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#FutureTalentConf funny cos its true @Rubywax "CEOs don't let feelings get in the way" & companies are now training people how to be human!
#FutureTalentConf great challenge from @BP_plc HRD Helmut Schuster. "Can you articulate your People Strategy in 30 seconds?"
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Who are Q5?


We 'align' your structure, your processes and your people to deliver outstanding performance. Our role is making it happen. We continue to serve restless CEOs demanding that their people think the unthinkable and deliver something special in their business.


Our clients choose to work with us because they benefit from: 

- our deep and broad experience - across many industries and businesses 
- our willingness to share their challenges and resolve their issues
- our determination to get results and deliver value for them. 

We are not interested in short-term fixes. We create long term solutions - not just results for the next quarter or the one after that, but beyond, into 'quarter 5'. The clients we work with are not only better prepared to deal with the 'here and now' ... they know that they can sustain their improved performance into the future.




Organisation design & development, cost restructuring, leadership development, process reengineering, employee engagement.