The Power of People: Building Workforce Resilience


The Power of People: Building Workforce Resilience

Over the last few decades, many executive teams have primarily concentrated their efforts on driving efficiencies, often through re-designing structures and enhancing decision-making. Given that the pace of change is ever increasing – the growing to-do lists, blurring of work and home life along with political and environmental ‘curve balls’ to contend with – organisations that will not just survive but truly thrive are those that proactively pay attention to the physiological and physical needs of their people. This will nurture a resilient workforce, enabling firms to adapt and respond more effectively to the challenges confronting them. Building workforce resilience enables employees to strengthen their “bounce-back” reflex to develop a much happier and productive workforce.

At Q5 we have developed an integrated framework with four factors that we believe contribute to creating a more resilient workforce. Our white paper on building workplace resilience can be accessed here.

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