Driving sustainability action through PEARL


Sustainability action through PEARL

2021 saw a huge increase in focus on environmental targets, and whilst 70% of listed companies now have them, less than 15% have taken meaningful action. The interdependencies between climate change, biodiversity loss and deep-rooted social issues is becoming increasingly clear, but many organisations are treating these as separate challenges. Building on our recent learnings from clients and our expertise in organisational change & transformation, here are our top tips to help drive action and propel your organisation’s sustainability maturity – based around PEARL.

  • Purpose – be clear on why your organisation exists, beyond just profit, and what your ambition is
  • Ecosystems – find ways to improve collaboration across your organisation and your wider ecosystem
  • Adaptability – create the conditions for innovation, to test fail and learn rapidly
  • Real empowerment – engage and educate your people, treating them as valued stakeholders
  • Leadership – ensure your leadership are bought in, educated and role-modelling the required behaviours


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Our ‘point of view’ on driving sustainability action through PEARL can be accessed here.


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