Richard Clark

Associate Partner and Head of Strategy   Global Leadership   UK

Richard Clark

Richard is an Associate Partner at Q5, and is the firm’s Head of Strategy & Data. Since joining the firm in 2013, he has worked across a number of different industries from oil and gas, through rail and retail to the public sector, but has spent the majority of his time at Q5 working with media, entertainment & technology organisations. Prior to his most recent Strategy role, he spent a number of years as Q5’s Head of Media.


Richard is an organisation design and strategy expert who has worked with UK-based and global media organisations to tackle a number of knotty strategic and operational challenges over the years. This has included developing comprehensive and practical company-wide strategies to deal with extraordinarily fast moving market landscapes and building digitally focused, agile organisations that can react to ongoing changes in customer requirements. Richard has worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes in his time at Q5, building strong and close client relationships across these businesses. 


Before joining Q5, Richard worked in Business Intelligence, helping large organisations expand and set up operations in new markets such as Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. When he told people he worked in Business Intelligence, lots of people decided he was a spy. He really wasn’t. Although he didn’t necessarily correct them….