Chris Conder

Principal Consultant   UK

Chris Conder

Chris is a Principal Consultant at Q5. He brings a depth and breadth of experience from several different sectors, where he has delivered end to end projects focused on organisation restructuring, cost reduction and business transformation. Chris has worked with a variety of clients, which include the BBC, WPP, Eurostar, Channel 4, TalkTalk and WSJ. 

Before joining Q5, Chris gained experience from working in the financial services, retail, and public sectors, and developed wide-ranging skills during a year at a biotech firm in Boston, USA. He has a B.A. from Williams College, MA, where he majored in Political Economy, and studied abroad at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Outside of work, Chris is a keen Arsenal supporter and, if he is not to be found at the Emirates, then he will likely be exploring a distant corner of the earth.